Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Meditation Support Group

The meditation support group has really helped me to feel at peace with my fertility journey. I'm less focused on the day to day details and keep the long term perspective in mind. Jenilyn has such encouraging words and a positive spirit to share with us. It's so helpful to be in a space with other women with similar experiences. Now I try to remember to just BREATHE.

Jenilyn has a sunny outlook on life and you can feel it. No matter what kind of day I have had at work, once I walk into Jenilyn’s class I feel a positive and calming energy. The combination of conversation and meditation exercises helps all the participants bond as a group. At home I get distracted easily and appreciate the enhanced benefits of meditating with a group. Wendy

After receiving the news of another failed IVF cycle, our third, I felt so much sadness and disappointment. I lost interest in the things that bring me peace and balance (yoga, acupuncture, meditation). I hit rock bottom and needed something/someone to help snap me out of it. I've enjoyed so many of the services and classes at PDTM so when I saw the announcement for the mediation class, I knew I had to attend and hoped that this is what would help get me back on track. And it did! Jenilyn's methods were inviting and comforting. She tailored the class based on our needs. I left feeling so uplifted and at peace. I'll be going back! Carrie

My first time meditating was in Jenilyn's Yoga for Fertility, Phase 1 series. Prior to that, I had been "meaning" to start meditating as a way to calm my mind and heart. I just lacked guidance and was unsure (a.k.a. intimidated) on how to begin on my own. Since working with Jenilyn for several months now, and participating in several of her series of classes (both her yoga and meditation), I have found mediation to be one of the most restorative and challenging experiences I have tried as an adult. It has not only helped me reshape my thinking and navigate emotionally difficult times, but it gives me a sense of calm that I am not sure I could find any other way. Claire

Monday, January 9, 2012

Adoption Support


Well, you'll never believe this but...I'm a mom!

Last Wednesday (11/16/11) we got a call that a birthmother had picked us and we picked up our baby girl on Friday (11/18/11)!

It was love at first sight and we have been in heaven ever since! It all happened so fast that we are still trying to figure everything out but could not feel more blessed.

Thanks for all of your help getting us started. We had just hired a girl to make a website for us so we will be putting that on hold until we are ready for baby #2! Hopefully we will get to use your services in the future!


"Thank you for all of your help and support and gentleness during this infertility journey. We are moving full steam ahead on adoption. I've started working on our dear birthmother letter, identified a lawyer, signed us up for 2 workshops (at the Cradle and Catholic Social Services) as well as been in contact with Lutheran Social Services. We've researched our adoption benefits at work, started an adoption folder, and begun copying documents. I also read that book you recommended and have requested several others. As you can tell, I like to plan and organize! Of course, I still have some anxiety that a birth mother will not select us, but try not to dwell on that too much.
Thank you again.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holistic Fertility News

hi jenilyn,
i hope you're holidays were relaxing and not too stressful! i wanted to share some good news with you ... the IUI i had done in mid-december worked and i'm pregnant! i've had what feels like a zillion blood tests, but so far things look good, so my husband and i are crossing our fingers and hoping that it sticks.
is it possible for me to attend goddess gathering classes? i really enjoy your yoga classes and the support of the other women, but i'm not sure if it's appropriate if i attend now. i did see that you have some restorative spa classes coming up, so i will try to make those. this has been a long and frustrating 2 year process, but i'm really glad i signed up for your classes! you are a wonderful yoga teacher, but even more importantly you're advice and wisdom coupled with your sense of humor make you a joy to be around. had i not taken your classes, i wouldn't have had the opportunity to realize it's possible to touch my toes (eventually) either!
thanks for everything!

I had to drop you a note about your wonderful Goddesses! I sent an e-mail earlier today to the Goddesses asking for some advice on doctors. I was not sure if I would hear back from them, as I only attended the gatherings a couple of times. I was blown away by the responses that I received from the group! By the end of the day, I had received responses from many of the Goddesses, most within minutes of sending out my e-mail. They were extremely supportive, kind, and helpful. They gave me information on doctors, books, nutritionists, and other resources. The fertility journey can be so lonely and overwhelming, and it means so much to know that there is a support network out there. Thank you for creating and nuturing the group! Hopefully I can join you all again soon. Sharon

Thanks for all your support over the past year. I've enjoyed every minute of class and hope others are lucky enough to find you and the great group of women who gather at Pulling Down the Moon on Tuesdays. Jodi

Hi Jenilyn,

I just wanted to say Thank You for teaching the yoga classes at Pulling Down the Moon!
I have had many different yoga teachers and you have been my favorite!
Thanks for sharing your laughter and smiles with us. You do a
wonderful job of creating healing energy in the room. Pulling Down the Moon is such an
amazing place with such a calming presence for me. They, and all the
women who take classes there, are lucky to have you.

I'm so glad our paths have crossed in life!


Hi Jenilyn!

Thank You for the invite for the Goddess Gathering – I have thought about attending – I’m so curious and hopeful that everyone from the previous classes is having success on their fertility journey. I have to admit it was difficult to attend those last sessions of Fertility Yoga 2 because I was the only one pregnant. I truly want everyone to be at the same point as me in the journey – as everything else I know that’s not always possible. A part of me was hoping it would become contagious. I so often visualize our circle and pray for them.

Your sweet self came up in conversation over Christmas Eve dinner. Everyone in my family knows what my husband and I were doing with fertility, but it was the first chance for my sister-in-law and me to talk more in depth specifically about the acupuncture and yoga that I had been doing. In our conversation I had mentioned that my Yoga instructor was an adoption counselor from the Cradle. My sister-in-law adopted through the Cradle. So, I’m going on about how wonderful you are and she is going on about how wonderful her adoption counselor from the cradle was. Only to finally realize we were talking about the same person – you! You have touched the same family in different/unique ways in helping us reach the same goal in growing our family. You are a very nurturing and generous woman and I appreciate so much what you are giving to help women and their families!

Tomorrow - Valentine’s Day – we will be 20 weeks along in my pregnancy – the halfway point! For me, this year, there couldn’t possibly be anything more romantic –tee-hee! I will never forget you telling us how your Dad always sends you flowers for Valentine’s Day – with a Dad like that, no wonder you are who you are – so sweet! Sarah

Thank you for these thoughts and ideas
about creativity and inspiration.

I find that being an artist/mother/business
woman all draws from the same Divine Source
and it is truly a gift to be tapped into this.

It is also one of my greatest joys as a mother
to have taught my son Joe something about this
so he too is open to the divinity of the universe.
(he is a musician...percussianist and Brazilian
Samba and American Blues guitar....and a Buddist)...
and now, I am a grandmother and will be allowed
the priviledge to teach and inspire another generation.

I am the matriarch of my family and I am humbled and
honored with this joy and responsibility.

My HUSH baby business is thriving, and now my
b&b in Mexico is thriving as well, with much thanks
to being selected by Lonely Planet as "our pick" in
their 2008 Mexico guide book.

Much love and many blessings to you and those you
touch and inspire in 2009!

Hush-a-bye Baby
Day/Night-Nanny Service
773-772-8846 home/office
312-622-7673 cell 24/7
Casa Rosa
Centro Colonial
Morelia, Michoacan
MX. 58000

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Restorative Spa Yoga

Hi Jenilyn!!
Sunday's restorative was so enjoyable, especially shared with my two High School friends, and the friendship/connection theme! One friend commented that her Monday was better than most Mondays because of the class!!! And the other friend loved it too...we shared some laughs, some togetherness...
Now that I have been to more than a few classes, I can say that I have enjoyed every single one of course, but also see you growing and sharing more and more with us, giving us a superb experience, especially on a cold April day, I think that Sunday 4-6 is a perfect time for this class, kick back after the week, and start the week off energized and ready to go!
Ahhh, thanks!
Love, Margaret

Hi Jenilyn:
I also want to thank you for a WONDERFUL class on Sunday. I felt great when I left, but was rather dreading the morning. Well, I got up without any stiffness or aches or anything. It was so nice. And I still feel fine - I think the stretching was perfect and although I can't imagine that just one class would make such a difference, it seems like it did.
I'm planning to be there on 15th. I understand that there's a discount if we pre-pay. Do I go into the shop and tell them I want to pre-pay for your class?
I look forward to seeing you again.

hello sister goddess! The strength and beauty I feel after having one of your restorative classes is amazing....thank you! You are truly blossoming like a lotus flower in your expression, thanks for reminding us of the goddess within who loves, heals and nutures us.
The goddesses within must have been rejoicing yesterday when you let them have their time in the sun! They probably said, thanks, Jenilyn, for reminding these women that we down here waiting to come out, geez, they don't let us out and if they did, we'd have a great time!
p.s. I'm going back to the bath house often now, that image is burned in my brain..:):)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Artist's Way

Hi Jenilyn
It was so great to see you this morning. Thank you for a
wonderful yoga
session - it was awesome.
Through experiencing the artist way course, with you and our group, I have
realized growth, inspiration and big aspirations. When I talk about my artist
way experience to others, invariably I find that someone knows someone who wants
to enroll in class for help, guidance and support with the artist way. I want
to pass along your contact info to those who are looking for such - please let
me know if doing so is ok with you.
I look forward to attending your various classes as well as continuing the
artist way course part 2 with your guidance.
I wish you continued success and the best with your endeavors in the new year.
All best,

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Conscious Creators Workshop

"A wonderful event. Jenilyn was a powerful facilitator and there were great shares from all members. I really enjoyed this event and the after party was magical. With much gratitude, Bill"

"Hope you all had fun at the Taste of Lincoln Ave....wish I could've gone. It was great meeting you both. I can't believe next week is our last class! Can't wait for the MCA....this will truly be our singles mingling 'test'." Diane

"This meetup was so much fun! Thank you Carol for hosting and Jenilyn for inspiring us! It was a pleasure meeting you all and I can't wait for the next classes and our 'scavenger hunts'."Diane

Monday, August 11, 2008

Birthday Yoga Party

"Hi! Well, you certainly helped make my birthday a very special one.....I think your magical, heart felt persuasion (spelling?!) and encouragement had all the goddesses feeling relaxed and open, what a way about you, that's your gift....and I'm talking some of my friends who never really did have reached people who aren't accustomed to taking their health to another level.....

Part of the reason the ladies bared their souls was your invitation to be themselves, and that turned out to be such a gift, yes, was wonderous what they said, but it means they are transforming and opening their hearts! Your playfulness in this is a must, as if your coaxing them to let're a mind changer, girl...and of course, a real healer...

I honestly loved the progression of the class, and loved when you said, ok first we're going to relax and then later open up and have more fun! the dance was fun!! I felt so relaxed and in a peaceful space.....oh, and another thing, some of my friends are asking when they can do restorative yoga again! so, plan on seeing some of us Sept.7 (as Julia and I will be camping/rock climbing on August 3)

Mama Mia was perfect!! I'm going to see it again with the lovely lady who couldn't make it to the party and who was the one who actually suggested we go to the movie....

What a divine and perfect chick night!!!! I think you have so much to share, and I can't say enough how wonderful it was to bond with the know, that's what we need to cultivate in life, it's a woman's nature to bond and support one another, we are there, thick and thin...(now if we could start a "red tent" (did you read that?) we'd be doing great!...

So, all in all, I think your party skills and of course your yoga teacher skills are awesome, you are giving such a gift to woman to honor themselves, what wonderful work!!...